New Radiance Medi Spa

Premier Health & Beauty Treatments For Men & Women


New Radiance Medi Spa approached Emphasize Design to help with their naming and initial look and feel. We started by going through a Brand exercise that helped focus and bring to light the essence of the Owner Carol Sheldon and her vision for New Radiance. As a strongly independent single mother of three children, Carol does not mince words or have time to ‘F’ around. What came out of the process is a refined, elegant, bold, and uniquely recognizable mark that speaks directly to the type of clientele New Radiance was aiming for. The bold regal purple mixed with shiny gold foil says that when you come to my Medi Spa, you are going to be pampered and leave looking like a royalty.

What We Did

  • Brand Session
  • Corporate Identity
  • Stationery Package
  • Exterior Signage
  • Interior Signage
  • 3D Logo Wall
  • Postcards & Promos
  • Website