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Strategic Branding & Design

Emphasize is a Vancouver graphic design agency that provides services for brand strategy, graphic design, print, interactive, and environment design. We believe in creating exceptional work through the use of collaboration. Our goal is to inspire and engage our audiences with meaningful, purposeful branding and design communications. We work in collaboration with our clients to map out a strategic plan of action to help achieve the most successful results. Our team of industry professionals have the proven ability to complete each phase of the project, on time, and at the highest standard. Our tools are humour and drama, object and illusion, technology and art — all combined to give the end user a memorable experience.

Our Services

Brand strategy is the cornerstone of communicating a strong, unique, meaningful direction. We utilize different tools to create the right images and feelings that build the foundation to communicated to your particular target audience and ensure that all stakeholders are moving in the right direction.

Selecting the perfect name for your brand, service, or product is essential. It often represents the first interaction between your audience and your brand. With our meticulous naming approach, we guide you in finding a name that resonates with your target audience.

Establishing a compelling brand identity is paramount in effectively communicating the essence, values, and benefits of a brand to its audience. Through strategic graphic design, we create enduring and recognizable identities that not only stand the test of time but also possess the flexibility to grow alongside the brand and adapt to future challenges and opportunities.

A successful brand crafts a captivating narrative that guides its audience through an engaging journey of discovery. Storytelling, when nurtured effectively, becomes the soul and lifeblood of the company, while also serving as a powerful tool for creating lasting memories.

Brand copywriting is the skill of crafting impactful messaging that embodies a brand’s identity and resonates with its audience. It involves creating engaging content to connect with consumers, evoke emotion, and drive action, ultimately building a strong brand presence and driving success.

Brand print collateral includes physical materials like brochures and business cards that represent a brand’s identity and message. They convey professionalism and credibility, effectively communicating the brand’s value and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Brand advertising strategically promotes a brand’s value to its target audience through various channels. It aims to boost awareness, generate interest, and drive consumer action, ultimately fostering brand loyalty and business growth.

Successful website design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an intuitive user experience that guides visitors seamlessly through a brand’s offerings. From clear navigation to compelling visuals and responsive layouts, every element is meticulously crafted to enhance engagement and drive conversions.

Through a combination of visual elements, user interface design, and interactive features, branded interactive design enables users to actively participate and immerse themselves in the content creating a dynamic digital experiences that is engaging and captivating.

Environment or sales center design focuses on creating immersive spaces that effectively showcase products or services and engage customers. By incorporating elements such as layout, lighting, signage, and interactive displays, these environments create a memorable and impactful brand experience, ultimately driving customer engagement and sales.

Our Client List


Alanson Collective

Arbutus Properties

Axiom Builders

Axis Real Estate Solutions Inc

BC Centre for Abilitiy

Beech Westguard

BlueSky Properties

Bosa Construction

Bosa Properties

City of Langley

City of Surrey

Cushman Wakefield

Dr Adelyn Ho




Legend Resorts

Longitude Placements

Mark Innes Consulting

Marty Majerski & Associates


Naor Skincare

New Radiance Medi Spa

Ovo Medi Spa



SeaBox Depot

S&P Real Estate Marketing

Standard Ltd

StreetSide Developments



Tangle Pools


Urban Outbuildings