About Us

Emphasize is a responsive creative agency that brings together designers, writers, photographers, and digital media people to fit our clients needs.

Barry Nelson
Principal / Creative

For the past two decades, Barry has helped define real estate marketing in BC. The driving force behind Emphasize, his experience spans North America with sold out projects across Canada as well as Colorado, Nevada, California and Baja, Mexico. From mountainside resorts and oceanfront developments to residential urban towers and master planned communities, his nuanced understanding of the real estate industry and the challenges developers face when bringing a project to market, ensures his clients experience an unprecedented level of commitment, engagement and service from the Emphasize team.

Rik Klingle-Watt
Copywriter / Creative

An award-winning copywriter, brand builder and storyteller, Rik’s ideas have moved product, raised money, influenced policy and inspired change. He used the lore of Belgium chocolate to increase sales for one company by over 500%, earned a Guinness World Record for another, and brought dignity to Canada’s poorest postal code. Along the way he elevated the plight of homelessness to a world stage, made a film that went viral and sold hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate.

Allan Weibe
Design / Interactive

Allan has worked at some of Vancouver’s top design firms including Burnkit, Demo Graphic and Twin Fish Creative. He played a key role in many successful projects such as Predator Ridge, Snowbird Lodge, and Pacific Centre’s Nordstrom redevelopment. His design approach is engaging and entices the viewer on multiple levels. Allan’s passion for layout and typography is dynamic, contemporary and thoughtful, delivering pixel perfect creative everytime.

Naomi Purvis
Project Manager

Trading the ebullient metropolis of London for the charming panoramas of Vancouver, Naomi brings a wealth of experience to Emphasize. With a background in marketing, project management and account service both in traditional and digital media, her infectious smile and “can-do” attitude ensures all projects are brought in on-time and on-budget. Known as The Good Fairy for making good things happen, Naomi has led campaigns and project initiatives for clients like OBEY, Luca + Danni, St. Moritz/Momentum Watches, Cosabella and Ryders Eyewear.

Ally Pintucci
Storyteller / Social Connector

Ally is a passion fueled adventure seeker whose goal is to creatively tell stories about what motivates her to continue to seek new adventures and live a full life. She dives in to work with brands to develop creative and innovative strategies that authentically push their vision and ideas out to the world through incredible content. Through her personal work, Ally’s goal is to get people outside their comfort zone by inspiring curiosity and showing empathy via storytelling and photography on her social channels.